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Projectile Complete D1 2.2x3
Projectile Complete D1 D12 2.2x4 3.8x5
Projectile Complete D2 4x5
Projectile Body
Projectile Gripper
Guide Tooth Unit
Projectile Returners projectile_Loom_parts_returners
Receiving Unit Parts
projectile feeler
Projectile Lifter and Opener
projectile lifter and opener
Projectile Brake
projectile brake unit
Projectile Brake
projectile brake
Projectile Feeder Drive
projectile feeder lever
Projectile Feeder MS
Projectile Feeder ES
projectile feeder es
Projectile Feeder Picking Slides
projectile rail
Projectile Guide Blocks
guide block
Brake Band Unit and Color Selector
projectile color selector
Picking Lever Picking Shoe Picking Link
picking lever picking shoe picking link for projectile loom
Weft End Gripper
weft end gripper
Tuck in Needles and Roller Lever
tuck in needles
Conveyor Chain and Coupling Flanges
conveyor chain and coupling flanges
temples for projectile loom
Take Up Drive
take up of projectile loom
Tape UP Drive
sulzer projectile take up drive
Warp Beam Group
warp bearmg group
Drive and Machine Brake
drive and machine brake for projectile
Sensor Angle Disc
angle disc for projectile
chain wheel projectile loom
Design Foil

Picking Shoe with Link

Projectile Scissors
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